Halloween cocktails and drinks to impress
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Blogged by: Charlestown Square 21 Sep 2022
If you’re hosting a Halloween party, or you just want to do something fun for the office or a visitor, you’ll want to prepare some creepy drinks for your menu!
Here are some tasty and terrifying ideas for cocktails, mocktails, potions and brews that can be made for both adults and kids.

Simply mix one shot of vodka with half a cup of muddled berries, crushed ice and some sparkling water. Place blueberries inside a lychee and skewer for the eyeballs (ew!). For a kid friendly version simply omit the vodka.

What we love about punch is that you can literally add anything you like, in any quantity you like! Just taste as you go (but we do suggest you measure the alcohol). We love mixing creaming soda, orange juice, lemonade, sparkling water and fresh lime juice. For an adults only version add a splash of vodka or rum! Don’t forget the most important ingredient though… some little toy skeletons!

This is a Halloween-y twist on a white russian and we can’t get enough. Simply mix a shot of vodka, 1 shot of kahlua, some pumpkin spice and a splash of cream. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with more spice! For a kid friendly version, you can serve an orange coloured juice or other.
The trick here is the smoke! You can add smoke to almost any cocktail. Here’s how. The quickest and easiest method without investing in a cocktail smoker is to set a garnish on fire such as a cinnamon stick, dried fruit or star anise. Whatever matches your theme! Prepare your cocktail as normal, light your garnish separately, then extinguish and quickly set the smoking garnish to the side of your cocktail. We do not recommend a child friendly version of this!

Who doesn’t love an appletini with eyeballs? Our favourite well-tried and tested recipe mixes 1 shot apple juice, a quarter shot lemon juice, 1 shot apple schnapps, 1 shot vodka and ice. Shake well and serve with marshmallow or lychee eyeballs! We like to poke cloves in the marshmallow for the iris of the eye. Spook-tactular! For the kiddies simply serve a green juice or other with the decorative eyeballs (but consider replacing the cloves with something edible such as licorice.

This creepy cappuccino will put a huge smile on their faces (or will it have them running scared?). You can pre buy Halloween coffee art stencils or, simply create your own cutting the desired shapes out of paper or cardboard! Hold your stencil over your coffee and sprinkle the chocolate directly onto the froth.

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