Mother's Day, Fresh Food, Recipes Blogged by: Charlestown Square 26 Apr 2022


We may have all been told to stop buying avocado toast if we want to afford a house… but hey, the kids can still make it for mum at home! If mum isn’t a Pancake person this colourful and delicious take on avocado toast not only looks beautiful but guaranteed it’ll taste better than the $20 cafe version.

The best part is, this gorgeous brunch is easy and safe for the kids to make for Mum (with supervision from dad or another adult of course!). She’ll love the colours and the kids will feel like master chefs with an insta ready brunch on a plate for Mum. Avo go!



Sliced sourdough (or bread of your choice)
Beetroot hummus
Fresh and ripe avocados
Radish or other colourful sprouts
Sesame seeds to garnish
Butter or margarine (optional)
Sea salt and pepper (optional)


  • Toast sourdough
  • If you wish, scrape on some butter or margarine
  • Top with a generous amount of beetroot hummus, spread evenly
  • Slice avocado thinly and fan out on top of the hummus
  • Top with a sprinkle of sprouts and sesame seeds
  • Add sea salt and pepper and enjoy!


You can use almost anything instead of beetroot hummus. Regular hummus, tzatziki, cottage cheese… you could even make Mum a platter with colourful options.
Instead of sprouts and sesame seeds you could garnish the toast with any seeds e.g. topped walnuts, even chickpeas.
Mum might like a poached egg on the top too! Get dad or another adult to help with this one kids.