Fresh Food, Mother's Day, Inspiration Blogged by: Charlestown Square 26 Apr 2022

Avo Smash to Pastry Treats - Your guide to Mother's Day Breaky in Bed

Treating your mum to breaky in bed this Mother’s Day should be easy — it’s figuring out what to make her that can be the most difficult task. That, and making sure you wake up before she does.
This is an extra special occasion, so when prepping the menu, start by considering what foods, meals and cuisines (even travel destinations!) Mum loves. Steer clear of her boring everyday oatmeal and spice up her Mother’s Day breakfast with something she would love to eat… but rarely does.
To help you nut out the best option for your mum, we’ve gathered some of our favourite breakfast in bed options, suited for both Masterchefs and people that have never turned on the oven. 


Fluffy Pancakes

Enter: A foolproof classic for breaky in bed. Gather all your ingredients from your local grocery and produce stores pre-Mother’s Day, so that you’re good to go the morning of. Opt for a shaker mix if you’re not much of a morning person, but if you have some time to spare, try making the batter from scratch. Whip up the egg whites to create a fluffier-than-ever pancake and top with fresh seasonal berries, maple syrup and rich vanilla bean ice cream. 
Need some extra inspo? Visit our recipe for Banana Pancakes here.


Levelled Up Smashed Avo

An Aussie brunch favourite, smashed avo is always delicious and easy as heck to make from home. With your mum’s favourite flavours in mind, use a basic smashed avo recipe as a blank canvas to create your own yummy creation.
The key to a great smash is avocados — obviously. Although they aren’t currently in season, try to find a few that feel ripe to the touch; squishy but not too soft when you pick them up. Once you’ve located the perfect avos, it’s really up to you where you go from there. 
Our serving suggestions? Add a generous amount of salt, pepper, goat cheese, fresh dill and lemon juice to a bowl of mashed avocados. Lay that on top of some lightly toasted sourdough with a generous slosh of garlic infused oil, and finish it off with a sunny side egg, and a swirl of chilli oil. Feel free to add tomatoes, mushrooms, pomegranate seeds, and even vegemite into the mix to customise the dish to suit your mum’s taste. If you're looking for something a little more bespoke, check out our recipe for Betroot Hommus Smashed Avo here. You can give her a full chef’s breakdown upon delivery.


Acai Bowl

Perfect for the health-conscious mums, mums that already miss summer, and mums that always reach for the fruit option for breakfast. All you need for this recipe is a good quality high speed blender, frozen smoothie ingredients and toppings of your choice.
For a basic acai bowl, you’ll need frozen acai. You’re doing great so far. Blend that up in your high speed blender with a frozen banana and some milk or yoghurt. Once your mixture is combined, pour it into a bowl and top with generosity — think gourmet granola, fruits, peanut butter, cacao nibs, fresh coconut, hemp hearts, the list goes on. Decorate it into a heart and watch mum cry happy tears. 

Fruity Surprise

From colourful platters to juices and smoothies, fresh seasonal fruit is a surefire way to bring a smile to your mum this Mother’s Day. Look at what’s currently in season and consider your mum’s favourites as a starting point.
Create a rainbow grazing plate full of chopped up sweet and sour fruits for your mum to devour all morning. For something a little more drinkable, blend or juice a variety of your fresh fruits to create a concoction of your own, tailored to what your mum loves — best consumed sitting up in bed. Extra brownie points if you bring some freshly picked flowers home and add these to your arrangement.

Coffee & Pastries

If the kitchen isn’t quite your forte — or your mum dreams of travelling to Paris one day — simply pop into a specialty food or coffee one spot and grab your mum a breakfast treat you know she’ll love, with minimal work on your behalf. 
For classic and sweetened coffee options, Cafe Fresh or Jamaca Blue are your go-to, and for something a little more boutique, try out Sherwood Coffee and Choux Patisserie. Grab a pastry or bagel (or two) on the side for the full breakfast in bed experience without the prep or food coma.