Fresh Food, Recipes Blogged by: Charlestown Square 09 Aug 2022

How to make the ultimate Father's Day lunch

What’s better than breakfast in bed for Father’s Day? A blowout BBQ feast with the family. 

Impress dad with your hosting skills and grilling technique and make his special day that much more tasty. 

From grocery shopping to washing up, here’s some of the key things you need to take care of when planning the best BBQ ever for your dad this Father’s Day.

Decide on the Perfect Menu

Nail the perfect Father’s Day spread and impress your dad with a range of tasty dishes that are personalised to his likes. Go in store or hop online and check out what fresh ingredients are in season currently - this is a great place to start for delicious, succulent meals. Combine the best seasonal ingredients with your dad's favourite flavours - from spicy Asian concoctions to smoky Mexican recipes for a sure fire collection of dishes he’s sure to love. 

Gather all the Tools

Once you’ve bought all you need on your grocery list at your local Coles, gather up the BBQ cooking gear either from around the house, or courtesy of the home section at Myer. Elevate dad’s eating experience by investing in a range of new, premium cutlery and crockery pieces from Country Road. Set the table with a beautiful table cloth, fabric napkins and fresh native flowers for a Father’s Day BBQ dad won’t soon forget.

Set the Ambience 

Do the impossible and gather up all your family members in the one place at the one time for your dad. Once you’re almost ready to start serving the delicious dishes, assign someone the task of setting the mood. Press play on a playlist you previously compiled with some of your dad’s favourite tunes and blast it from a wireless speaker like the Google Nest Audio or JBL Portable Speaker. Dance party encouraged.

Post Dinner Fun

Once dad’s belly is full and the washing up is done and out of the way, break out some fun family games like UNO, Pictionary or a card game your dad likes best. Maybe even let him win a round or two just to be nice. Finish off the perfect Father’s Day BBQ by taking a moment to give dad a gift from everyone. No matter how much you spend, this gift is a great way to show dad how much you love and appreciate all he does - as if the BBQ didn’t prove that already.