Why does Easter Chocolate Taste so Good?
Blogged by: Charlestown Square 11 Mar 2024
Join us at Charlestown Square as we unwrap this delectable mystery just in time for 2024’s Easter Long Weekend!

We Live for Nostalgia!
While we love a fancy chocolate egg, there’s just no beating the classic Lindt Easter bunny and the Cadbury Dairy Milk goodies that you would awake to on Easter morning as a child! No matter how old we become, we’ll always head down to AldiColes and Woolworths to stock up on all the classic choccies that taste like sweet childhood memories.

They only Come Around Once a Year!
What makes Easter chocolate so novel, and all the more delicious, is its limited availability! The excitement that comes around at this time of year is something to be treasured – and we can never say no to indulgent treats whenever the Easter Bunny visits. That’s why we always head to Big W to stock up on sweet, creamy, and irresistibly decadent chocolate!

Mystery Solved! Easter Delights Await you at Charlie.
Charlestown Square is your nearest shopping destination for all things delicious this Easter Weekend! Don’t wait, hop to it and spoil yourself and your loved ones to delectable Easter Chocolates.
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