Blogged by: Charlestown 19 Jul 2022

Hit Snooze with These Bedroom Winter Warmers


Turn off the heater and save on your gas bill by simply warming up your bedroom.
Whether you’re living in a heritage-built cottage home sans heater, or a compact apartment complex with a split system, there are a few easy ways to ensure you’re never going to sleep or waking up cold.
Add a touch of warmth to your evening routine and ensure you sleep all through the night with these cosy bedroom additions.

Toasty From Top to Toe

A pair of thick, full-length pyjamas is a great first step to a cosy sleep. The sleepwear enthusiasts at Peter Alexander retail some of the most warm and comfortable pieces on the market, such as the Flannelette Stripe PJ Set or Bamboo Flannelette Classic PJ Set. Perfect the snug nighttime look with a snuggly sock option from Peter Alexander, The Snuggle Robe from Cotton On Body and a pair of Body Home Boots or P.A. Home Boots. Instant warmth.

Cosy Up Your Sleeping Quarters

Once you’re adequately rugged up in your flannelette PJs and fuzzy accessories, don’t stop there. Do the same for your bed. Adding a collection of plush pillows, throw rugs, and high-quality sheets won’t just enhance the appearance of your bed space, but also lift the temperature for an elevated sleep. With a range of stunning shades on offer, Adairs’s Bombay Velvet Cushions are perfect for mixing and matching atop your bed and snuggling up into after a long day. Toasty flannelette fabrication doesn’t only belong in your wardrobe, it’s also perfect for sleeping with. For an affordable set with all the cosiness necessary for sweet dreams, Kmart’s Betsy Cotton Flannelette Sheet Set is a winter essential. Drape a delicate throw, like Country Road’s Recycled Cotton Wilson Throw, over your doona for a chic-looking warmth like no other.

An Extra Element of Warmth

If all of the blankets and sheets in the world still won’t warm you up on those sub-zero freezing winter nights, an electric blanket or hot water bottle is sure to do the trick. Designed to provide a customisable level of warmth set to your liking, try out Kmart’s Heat Pad or Fitted Electric Blanket for the easiest of sleeps. If you’re looking for a tool to heat a more specific area, a classic hot water bottle encased in Country Road’s cosy Australian Shearling Hot Water Bottle Cover will radiate the perfect amount of warmth.

An Air of Aromatherapy

Although lighting a candle may not help with the overall temperature of your space, releasing a pleasant scent and a soft light into your room is sure to fill it with a different kind of warmth. Cult favourite Glasshouse Fragrances and their Taha Affair Soy Candle give off a rich vanilla caramel scent that is ideal for a winter night in. If candles aren’t your preferred aromatherapy method, try out an oil diffuser that emits a softly scented vapour, or light a stick of incense like the Cove Lemongrass and Ginger Incense in the Cove Incense Holder from Adairs. You’ll be sleeping easy in no time.