Lifesytyle, Home, Decor Blogged by: Katherine Hargraves 06 Apr 2022

How to style an Easter table with the hottest decor of the season

If you’re hosting this Easter, you’ll want your tablespace to be as stunning and impressive as the food you serve.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to impress your friends either. With the following tips, you’ll have your Easter table looking like a magazine spread. Why shouldn’t the table wear its party clothes too?!


The best place to start is to set your theme. Do you have a colour palette in mind? Do you want the table to have subtle hints of Easter elements (e.g. bunnies, eggs and carrots) or do you want to get into the spirit in a more obvious fashion?

When planning your table, consider ​​unique shapes, abstract accents and playful hints of colour and texture.

We love Easter appropriate pastels with some featured pops of colour such as brushed gold serve ware. A great way to introduce colour is via napery. Napery allows you to add texture to really lift your setting. Linen, cotton, velvet, lace… There's a world of texture available to explore!

  • You don’t need to fold your napkins into a fancy shape. For an effective and easy look, spread out your napkin, pinch it in the centre and lift. The napkin should hang in gentle folds, and can then be draped carefully over a plate or in its place on the table.
  • Another wonderful and creative way to incorporate colour is through drinkware, dinner sets and cutlery. White is out. Colour is in!
  • Don't have any placemats - why not create your own using coloured paper like below? It's a cost effective way to spruise up your table display for any event.


You simply cannot beat some fresh blooms and greenery to liven up your table. They will add colour, vibrancy and a beautiful perfume to the room. Compliment flowers with moss or other greenery.

If you can’t get your hands on fresh flowers, take a trip around your garden and snip fresh botanics. If you don’t have that luxury you could even create some paper flowers and make a crafternoon out of it!

  • Have you ever heard of ‘reflexing’ your roses? To make any rose seem fuller and more fluffy/romantic, you gently flip or peel open the outer petals to achieve a more voluminous look. This works well with roses and tulips.

Now that your blooms are puffed to perfection, don’t forget the vases. There are some beautiful vases available this season that will complement the beauty of the flowers.

Get the look with:
Kmart U shaped stem vase , Kmart circle cut out vase 
Typo acrylic cocktail glasses in lilac or peach
Kmart ribbed pillar candle in white 
David Jones In The Roundhouse dinnerware
Target Windsor serving set 


Flat decor… be gone! Height and dimension will add drama and beauty to your tablescape if done correctly. This can be achieved easily by using different sized vases with blooms of varying heights, or via candles, holders or ornaments.
You don’t need to have everything lined up in a row either. Dot your table decor across the table and around serveware for something different. Asymmetry for the win!


Personalised elements on your table not only look premium, but they will make your guests feel welcome and special. All it takes is a themed menu, a placemat and a name card to up your table game. When creating your paperie simply ensure you stick to your colour theme and use clear, legible fonts.

  • Canva makes designing such personal touches a DREAM. There are pre designed pieces you can simply personalise with your menu items and guest names.


We’re suckers for some good old fashioned candlelight at the dining table. However it’s not always convenient to have lit candles at a busy table, especially if there are little people attending. Luckily, these days candles are a statement in themselves and lit or unlit, they can make your tablescape spectacular.

If you’d love some ideas on some delicious Easter recipes, have a look HERE. Enjoy your feast and happy tablescaping!